Since 1982 BAC continues to support community programs and coalitions in the empowering local communities by providing the following:

  • BAC has provided and continues to provide financial support for not for profit organizations in the areas of business and economic development.
  • BAC supports programs that provide jobs, skills training and technical support for African American Businesses.
  • BAC supports education seminars in financial literacy for African American Businesses.
  • BAC provides grants to assist in the purchasing of tools and equipment for students in entrepreneurial training programs.
  • BAC supports organizations that promote educational literacy, mentorship and spiritual guidance to at risk youth in the community.
  • BAC supports back to school programs by purchasing book bags and school supplies for local African American Elementary Schools in the community.
  • BAC provides meals and turkeys during the holiday season for the disadvantage in the community.
  • BAC provides scholarships to at risk youth in the community.



  • Raised $6.9 million dollars in fundraising efforts at inception.
  • Was awarded $1 million dollars from the Community Development Financial Institution.
  • Raised an additional $1.5 million dollars during a second round of fundraising.
  • Raised $22.5 million dollars in capital for the development of the MLK transit Office Building.
  • Raised $75,000 in annual grants from Wells Fargo Foundation.

Loans and Investments

  • Disbursed over $70 million dollars in loans and investments to African American businesses.
  • Has provided financial support to over 1,000 clients with the following industries:
    • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Tourism
    • Transportation
    • Wholesale Trade
    • Retail Trade
    • Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
    • Services

Procurement and Job Opportunities

  • Responsible for over $10 million dollars in contract procurement for African American businesses.
  • Created over 5,000 jobs in the South Florida community.
  • Placed 37,000 persons in non-subsidized employment through Job Assistance Center, with the assistance of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Miami-Dade College, Miami-Dade County School Board, Job Service of South Florida, Private Industry Council,, Jobs for Miami and the Young Women Christian.


  • Provided over $200,000 in donations to various community organizations throughout South Florida.

Community Impact

• Community/Strategic Partner with various public and private organizations throughout South Florida including but not limited to:

  • Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
  • Miami-Dade County Development Venture Capital Association
  • Greater Miami & Vicinity’s Collective Banking Group
  • Fort Lauderdale’s Negro Chamber of Commerce
  • Miami-Dade County Small Business Development Advisory Board

• BAC’s Community involvement includes:

  • Participated in Mayor’s Economic Summit for Miami-Dade County.
  • Host of Glade View Homeowners Association.
  • Helped found Little Haiti-Edison Federal Credit Union.
  • Adopted Brownsville Middle School.

Technical Assistance

  • Conducted six (6) matchmaker seminars, in conjunction with the GMCC and MDCC, responsible for over $10 million in procurement contracts for over 200 African-American enterprises.
  • Technical Assistance Provider to Latin Chamber of Commerce Loan Fund.
  • Technical Assistance Provider SBA/Miami-Dade Enterprise Community Center.